Sunday, September 7, 2014

Time For School

Times two. Both my little guys have endured massive changes over the past few weeks. The Boy has started kindergarten and The Little Boy(my baaayyybeeeee) has started preschool. And I've only cried a little.

So far, so good. Despite my reservations about his age(he's five but one of the few kids from his preschool to skip pre-k. Stupid redshirting!) and Common Core, The Boy seems to be doing well. He's actually had a bit of homework, but he rocked writing his name and is getting better at writing his numbers - 5 is tricky, yo.

And The Little Boy is doing a bit better at preschool than he was last week. No more screaming bloody murder when we leave. Now a nice hug from a teacher calms him down just enough to get J's out the door. He's even made some art and developed a love for playdoh.

Yay boys!

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